Sugarloaf Mountain Prospecting Company

2024 brings a whole new family experience to Sugarloaf Mountain!

Come early and plan to peruse the rock and fossil shop!  Our shop features the largest selection of gems, stones and fossils in Southeastern Ohio.  Come see our 50 pound Amethyst,  pick out a starter rock collection, add some beautiful jewelry to your collection or just learn about the many rocks and minerals in our area.

The centerpiece of this experience is our 13 foot long mining sluice.  Choose from our large selection of “rough bags” or pick out the large family bucket, and then pan away to reveal what your bag has.  It’s a magical experience for kids and adults alike!

Entertaining and educational, gem mining is fun for all ages and is a great family activity!

The Sugarloaf Prospecting Company is open from 5PM until the show starts daily.